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we are buying a cabin in the mountains in east tn, there is thousands of these ladybugs on the floor some dead and some alive. in the last few days they are crawling up out of the ground around the house. is there a treatment for these and can i personally purchase the stuff the treat them, i talked to a exterminator when he came out to do termite inspection on cabin and he said he could treat them but the cost was a little high to me 600.00 dollars. is this reasonable or can i do it myself and get the same results. any help will be appreciated.   Thank You.

There most definitely is a treatment you can do. First, read through our LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE. This will help to explain the details of the problem the cabin now has and how you can best deal with the infestation. In fact, we have a great video that goes over most everything you should do and not coincidentally, the video was filmed on location at a cabin just south of TN! You’ll find it in the article; it’s the second video down.

As you’ll learn, the treatments you’ll need to do will involve liquid, dusts and aerosol products. And you’ll need to treat this spring and then again next fall if you want to improve the situation for next years winter. If you follow the treatment recommendations, you no doubt will find that next winter the population will be a lot less and by the end of the second year, it should be very much under control. Here are some comments made by our happy customers after dealing with problems like you’ve discovered and as you can tell by their results, this is something the average home owner can most definitely tackle on their own if they’re willing to put in a little work:

The complete ladybug control article can be seen here:

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