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I have a few questions before I order.

1. What dates would I  do  the outdoor spraying with Cypermethrin (central Indiana)?

2. Which indoor spray should I use since I want to not only spray crevices, but into wall areas behind cabinets, and also ceiling areas above drop ceiling (I am guessing Air Devil)? Also, how often to repeat this?

3. Is enough to dust the crawl space yearly, and does timing matter?


We get this question quite a bit. The best time to spray is when they get active. But just when do they get active? There isn’t one magical time and throughout the country it does vary. Generally it will depend on the local temperature but other factors are important too. The best advice we can give is to make sure you have some applied just prior to them emerging. It’s also good to retreat in 3-4 weeks following the first application. So for example, here in GA they’ve been active for the past 2-3 weeks. We usually recommend spraying the last week of February, around the 20th, to insure you’ve got something out ready for when they get active. We also recommend treating again in the middle of March. This will carry you through till April 15th and usually by then they’re gone.

For Indiana, I’d say you need to spray some CYPERMETHRIN by March 23rd and then again April 15th and lastly (if needed), again in the middle of May. You are usually about 3-4 weeks behind us so this should cover you. And remember the treatment is good for several weeks after it’s applied so as long as you’ve sprayed you should be Okay even if it’s 2 weeks after the treatment. This is always better compared to waiting and missing the initial releases which many times go unnoticed. Remember, for every 1 you see inside there are 5-10 that escape outside.

Now for inside the home; drop ceilings should be treated with the Phantom. These “higher up” locations will filter dust down into living spaces which isn’t a good so hold off using any there. But aerosol applied to these spaces should hold up well and the PHANTOM is odorless so it’s ideal for such a locations. I’d also use it in cracks/crevices throughout the living spaces, around light fixtures and other places mentioned in our LADY BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE. Again, it’s odorless design is a real plus when needing to spray in living spaces.

Lastly, the DELTAMETHRIN DUST will provide residual 6-12 months and really only needs to be done annually if done correctly. Timing doesn’t matter since it lasts so long and only a little is needed to impact these beetles.

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