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With lady bugs showing on only the inside front door of my home on the wall, what product do you recommend?

Ladybugs are an invasive pest which routinely migrate into homes and other structures. If you are only seeing 2-5 per “fall”, there is probably no reason to panic. But as our online LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE explains, what starts out innocent enough can many times become a full fledged major infestation in 1-2 years. Since you don’t provide any specifics on the history of your “problem”, I’m not sure any treatment is needed or warranted. If I only had a few on one front wall of my home I’d probably just vacuum them up and be done with them without any spraying being done. However, I’d also take some time to go outside and do a thorough inspection around the eaves, siding and other entry points where they may be entering. I’d like to know if there are any decent number accumulating out there from day to day. If I found 10-20 on any one side of my home, I’d definitely start spraying some of the CYPERMETHRIN to make sure the “trend” didn’t continue. Failure to stop this pest where they are first entering means they’ll just keep coming and this will surely lead to a major problem if left untreated.

And if after doing this treatment I was still finding a few on the inside walls of my home, I would then do a good inspection of my home both up in the attic and in other living spaces to make sure I wasn’t missing any places where they may be nesting. If needed, I’d treat voids and other spaces with the DELTAMETHRIN DUST and keep some BAYGON AEROSOL closeby for use just in case. Remember, most all infestations start out as “just a few on the wall or ceiling” and before the homeowner knows where or how, there can be thousands! And if left untreated, it can most certainly turn into a full scale problem in just one or two seasons. The following video shows just how bad it can get if left untreated…

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