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It appears to me that your article on Asian ladybugs left out a crucial point:  The damned things stink!  If you touch them, and especially if you smash them, they emit a noxious odor of stale burnt peanuts.

You are correct! Asian ladybugs are both messy and stinky! Most people will notice their droppings where they congregate. This will be on window sills, around light fixtures and basically anywhere they find a crack or crevice in which to hide. As explained in our LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE, they’re quite messy once they get into the living space and we’ve had many customers complain about the dust left behind where they’ve been active.

What most people fail to realize is that also stink! This is probably true because most people won’t go as far as to squash them but if you do, there is most definitely a distinct and noticeable odor. I’m not sure I’d describe it as burnt peanuts because to me, that’s a much more tolerable odor and not nearly as nasty. I actually relate the smell as being more “salamander” or “newt” like. I don’t think it’s similar to any other insect Ive ever handled so it’s most definitely unique. And over the years we’ve had many people complain about this smell when capturing them in the home to carry them outside. My only suggestion here is to be sure and wash your hands afterward to get the odor off or else anything you touch will retain this smell for sure!

Here is a direct link to our article if you need any more information on this invasive pest:


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