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OK, so we have done the Vacuum deal basically twice a year for 23 years.

New windows, Painted and caulked the siding but I guess there is a proper time of year to actually spray the outside of the house to either stop them or not attract them?

Do I hire a home pest control for that? It is a 2 story 140 year old Victorian with a tall attic.


There really isn’t a specific time to spray but more a time frame. In general this will beĀ  just prior to them emerging in the spring and then again in the fall, just before it gets cold and they start to show up on the outside of your home. Remember, any of the treatments mentioned in our ASIAN LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE will last 1 month or more. This means if you have a good treatment in place you’ll have a barrier that will effectively keep them out for several weeks. Ideally you should take note of the time and temps you started seeing them this year and be sure to apply something next year beforehand. So for example, if you were to treat March 23rd and they started to emerge anytime from then through to April 20-30th, the treatment would affect them and could very well knock them out. But if you don’t see any by the 30th of April, I’d do another application to make sure your home would be protected just in case they were late to emerge which can happen from season to season.

In the fall, it’s best to get your application done September, around the beginning of the month, just before they start trying to come inside to hibernate. I also recommend treating again the first week of October. This insures you’ll have a fresh application of active in place that will keep them away till winter sets in.

The two sprays that work well are listed in our article. If you want the stronger option, go with the CYPERMETHRIN. It will kill them if they choose to crawl through it and does a good job of repelling them as well so they tend to stay away where it’s applied. The NBS INSECT REPELLENT isn’t a pesticide so it won’t kill anything. However, it’s plant oil actives will chase away ladybugs, wasps and other invasive pests for sure. For some reason this mixture is an excellent repellent and could have been added to your paint recently used when you had your windows replaced. I’m sure it would have worked.

As for the whether or not to hire a service company; this is your call. We sell to professionals, homeowners, commercial businesses and basically anyone that has a pest related problem. Our business model is simple; follow our directions with the products we recommend and you too can do your own pest control. The bottom line is if you’re a “do it yourselfer”, we’re for you. But if you’re one to hire out for work to be done around the home, get the service company because in the end, it is work.

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