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I need some help before buying your ladybug traps. It seems the two best for me are the window traps or the lighted trap. I have purchased and used your CYPERMETHRIN outside and the air devil inside. The kill is great, but I still have a lot of bugs in an old farm house getting in and dying all over. The main problem as you know, is the south side of the house and the windows. Particulars on the house are as below:

·         110 yr old farm house

·         2 story, white siding

·         Infestation on south side by windows

We would like to trap as many as possible so as not having to vacumn 2-3 times a day.

1.      Window traps seem like a great idea since they mostly seem to be there.

2.      But you said the lighted jar is most efficient

3.      And I read the pheromones are not always effective

4.      Cost is not so much a factor

Any input you have would be helpful. I am planning on sealing outside as much as possible.


Use both. Since these traps differ in design and where they are typically installed,  it’s usually smart to take advantage of what each does well. This will provide the best results in the long run. Remember, ladybugs won’t always try to escape so WINDOW TRAPS won’t work when they’re content to stay inside. Additionally, the pheromone doesn’t always work but that’s Ok; just having the trap on the window will usually be more than enough to get them even when they aren’t attracted to the scent.

Since ladybugs commonly seem to prefer one room over all others, installing LIGHTED TRAPS out in open areas of these rooms will be your best approach when trying to reduce this activity. I would say to get at least 2 so you can be sure to have decent coverage but if you’re seeing the problem in all your rooms, more may be needed. Lastly, be sure to move these traps around as needed to insure any room with significant activity has a trap.

Lastly, sealing up entry points to the inside will really help. The PUR FOAM does a great job of sealing cracks and voids and is ideal for this task. Apply it with the PUR GUN and make sure all visible spaces are filled. Based on the structures age, I’m sure there are a lot of entry points so it may end up taking quite a bit of product to do the job right. But if done properly, you should be able to both keep out invasive insects like ladybugs as well reduce heat and cold losses to the outside. This means in the end, the effort, time and cost invested in doing a good foam application will be a worthwhile investment.

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