ladybug problem in double wide


We have a massive infestation I have not seen reference to. Our home is a 1990 doublewide on
a 4′ concrete foundation. Our roof is like a regular house. We got a new steel roof. The ladybugs have been around before this. In the Summer they swarm
all over at the front door on our porch. I have tilt windows & the lady bugs are all in the windows. I even caulked around the inside edge ( outer walls ).
They are biting & so nasty. I have the theory that they are in our attic & have been for years. We cannot get to the attic. The only access would be a small vent on each end of the house. I would greatly appreciate your help & info.

Asian ladybugs will readily infest any home that’s left unprotected and it sounds like you haven’t been doing any treating just yet, correct? If so, I suggest you first read our ASIANLADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE which explains all you need to know on how to treat and get rid of this pest. There you’ll learn spraying the outside of the building is needed and what you should do immediately as they are leaving your home. Getting them now can really help so don’t delay. Get some CYPERMETHRIN and spray the entire perimeter of the home making sure you get all sides from top to bottom. Next, use the PT PHANTOM if you’re finding any inside. It’s odorless and dries without making a wet mess.

At some point over the summer as fall approaches it would be wise to treat the attic as this is almost always¬† a hot spot. Based on your message, it sounds like this is the case in your home too. The screen access points are probably where you can administer the treatment and should be all you need to get a good application of the DELTAMETHRIN DUST applied using the DUSTIN MIZER or maybe even one of our electric rental models. But there is no need to rush and dust this area now as the ladybugs are surely leaving for the spring and summer and your effort won’t have nearly as much of an impact like the outside spraying will at this time. However, the dusting will be needed by next fall for sure.

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