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Can NBS, when mixed with water, be sprayed on the exterior of the house? Wood siding. Is this the best ladybug control product? We also have them coming inside the dwelling and hanging out by our large front windows.

For the outside of the house, NBS would be one product that can be mixed and sprayed with water. But as our LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE explains, it’s not the strongest. If you have a major problem, we generally recommend going with the CYPERMETHRIN first and once under control, you can change over to the NBS as a maintenance product.

Both of these products can be mixed with water and applied directly to the siding. And though the NBS can be used as a spray, it was originally created with the intent of being used as a paint or stain additive. When used  this way, you’ll find the length of residual to be a lot longer.

For the inside, the PHANTOM is a low to no odor aerosol that handles ladybugs well. Combine the Phantom with some LADYBUG TRAPS installed throughout the home and you’ll get control of the problem.

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December 14, 2016

jedavis @ 11:18 pm #

Dec.12 2016 I was outside yesterday cleaning up some in my yard I live in the south..I got a lady bug down my shirt and had to take it off to get the lady bug off my back..I thought I was being stung by a yellow jacket.
But guess what..It was an asian lady bug and it bit me twice and it really hurt. I had fever and was real sickly the next day..This was the second time this has happen this year. Both bites were in December…

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