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I recently moved here to the states from the UK and have found out you too have the ladybirds! They are all over my kitchen and I can’t figure out where they’re coming from. My kitchen has a big window they seem to like along with the ceiling light. Can you tell me what I can safely use here?

Ladybirds in the UK are what we call ladybugs here in the States. Asian ladybugs to be exact and like in the UK, they were imported with good intentions. But as it turns out, they sure can create a lot of problems once they decide to move inside and make a mess!

Treating ladybug infestations is usually a multi step process as explained in our LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE . Though it will be easy to kill the ones in the kitchen with our PHANTOM AEROSOL, more will keep coming around if you don’t get to their main nest site. I suggest you at least get the outside of the home treated as they are leaving for the spring and this is a good time to get them when they leave. I also suggest installing some LADYBUG TRAPS inside the kitchen to help collect any your treatment misses. As explained in our article, they like the light which is why they’re hanging around your window and ceiling.

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