Asian Ladybug or Asian Lady Beetle?


Is the Asian Ladybug the same thing as the Asian Lady Beetle?

As far as we can tell yes. It seems that from time to time we have people calling us asking about ladybugs, Asian Beetles, Asian Ladybugs, Asian ladybeetles, orange beetles, spotted beetles and just plain old ladybeetles. In all these cases they’re complaining about a pungent smelling, round little orange beetle which is invading their home. They all say this offensive beetle is active all winter but particularly active in the spring and fall. Once inside, they tend to accumulate close to lights and windows when active. We even get reports these beetles bite!

When asked what can be done to control local infestations, we recommend the products and treatments listed in our ASIAN LADYBEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE. Over the years we’ve learned these treatments will control most any invading beetle so whether or not these are all the same species we’re not 100% sure. But we do know our customers are asking for relief and that when they follow our directions they’re able to reduce if not eliminate the problem.


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