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We have a severe problem with Japanese Beetle infestation in our old farm house.  whats your best answer?
Is the trap thing a good thing?    Should I spray the lawn?    The old house has many cracks that they can
get through I am sure.

Are you sure you mean Japanese Beetles and not Asian Beetles? This time of year the ASIAN LADY BEETLES are the ones most people have problems with. JAPANESE BEETLES aren’t active till the summer so I doubt you have them.

If it’s the Asian Ladybugs, you’ll need to treat with the products listed in our article. The LADYBUG LIGHT TRAP will help but it won’t stop them from entering like the outside liquid treatment with CYPERMETHRIN will.

Here are links to all the information and products mentioned above. Call us toll free at 1-800-877-7290 if you have further questions as we’re open on the weekend too.


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