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Hi I found your article regarding ladybugs. We have a large infestation that comes back to our house once a year, and only outside. Which of the products do you recommend. Also we have a clothing moth problem, no matter what I seem to do, do you have anything for that? Thank you, A.D.

Asian Ladybugs will tend to return to homes where they’ve been active before. If left untreated, this will happen year after year as explained in our LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE. Though you may only see them active a few days during the fall, chances are high they are overwintering in the siding of the house somewhere. Once the home starts getting any decent population accumulating around key entry points, some will find their way into voids and other spaces on the structure. They do this looking for protection from the soon to arrive winter. Generally speaking, these invasions will get worse and worse from year to year.

To stop this from happening, apply CYPERMETHRIN to the outside of the home as explained in our article. This will stop them quickly and should repel them for several weeks as well. In extreme cases, more frequent treatments are needed. If you start seeing them inside the house, get some of Baygon Aerosol to use in the living area. Spot treatments should keep them minimized throughout the winter. But from what it sounds like in your message, they aren’t that bad inside and you may not need to do this treating. If you get them good with the Cypermethrin now, before they get inside, you should be able to keep it this way.

Unlike your luck with the Ladybugs, the Clothing Moth issue will likely require some inside treatments. As you probably know, they like to nest on or around fabric and clothing and seem to be commonly found in closets. Review our online CLOTHING MOTH CONTROL ARTICLE for all the particulars on what you may have to do regarding your infestation. My guess is a good treatment of any rugs in the home as well as some closet/cothing work/cleaning will be needed.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 1.800.877.7290.

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