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Hi there, I am trying to control Asian beetles from entering my house. I was wondering if you could recommend a product for me. I can’t decide! I am not terribly worried about the landscaped vegetation around the house I would just like to prevent/kill the beetles. Thanks so much.

If you review our ASIAN BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we have several products that can be used to get a local infestation under control. The primary product is the CYPERMETHRIN you can use on the house and plants immediately adjacent to the structure. It will both kill and repel this beetle and if done soon enough in the season, you can effectively keep them out altogether.

Once you get them inside, you’ll need to decide what other products you should employ depending on where you’re seeing them. As our article explains, this pest will come back year after year so if you’ve been seeing them on your house before, they’re sure to return unless you treat the area.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Asian Beetle Control Article:


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