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I live in a dorm room on a college campus. Recently, I went home for fall break for four days and came back to find ladybugs in my window. There were about two dozen or so, though that number seems to have decreased without me doing anything. Still, I would like to get rid of them faster. I’ve read through your article on how to get rid of them, but I don’t think any of those solutions are practical for such a small space as a dorm. Do you have any recommendations for what I can do?

Dormitories make great winter lodges for ladybugs and we get reports of them having ladybug infestations quite frequently. Dormitories are generally large, have lots of cracks and crevices and because they are kept warm all winter, ladybugs naturally find them to be a good place to overwinter. Once inside, they’ll typically accumulate around windows or lights on “warm” days. Expect this to happen in early fall and late winter but there will be many days in between where they come out in the middle of winter as well. When active, expect to see them hang around the windows and again, if lights are on, around the light bulbs as they are a ready source of heat.

For such areas, the traditional treatment program listed in our ASIAN LADYBUG CONTROL article isn’t practical since you can’t really get to where they are nesting. Additionally, you cannot stop the lady bugs from invading your room since they could be coming from so many areas you won’t be able to treat. But you can install some WINDOW TRAPS as well as LIGHTED TRAPS. Both will do a great job of collecting the invasive lady bugs as they emerge on any given day and will require little to no maintenance to keep in the room. And both traps can be taken with you from year to year should you end up in another room that has a similar problem.

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