how to treat log cabin infested with ladybugs


I live in western NC in the mountains, I have an infestation of ladybugs! Last year I bought the house (partial log cabin) and realized there were gaps at joints, etc. We have been patching but realized the bugs just returned and are getting in the house again! I bought the ladybug light trap but I will need something to spray and kill them! I have a 22 foot vaulted ceiling and side windows high up which is where they seem to congregate and come it from! Can you suggest a nuclear option?

Read through our LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE which will cover everything you need to do. As our article explains, you should spray the outside of the home with the CYPERMETHRIN right away. This will “intercept” any that come around and really help. You should also seal up as many of the cracks and crevices as you can as using the FOAM we have in the article.

For the inside, setting out some ASIAN LADYBUG LIGHT TRAPS will help but do treat with some PHANTOM or DFORCE to get the overall best results. Lastly, remember that this problem took years to develop and will probably take a season or two of treating before you get rid of them all.

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Asian Ladybug Article:


Light Trap:





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