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What type of sprayer would I need to spray a 2 story house for ladybugs?

In most cases what you’re trying to do is reach up high when dealing with this pest. As our LADYBUG CONTROL ARTICLE explains, this insect can fly and will attempt to get inside structures around soffits, shingle lines, downspouts, windows, under siding and pretty much anywhere you have a crack or crevice on your building. To prevent them from gaining access, it’s best you treat as much of the siding as you can reach with CYPERMETHRIN.

To accomplish this task, you could use a simple HOSE END SPRAYER. They use the water pressure of your residential water supply and can therefore reach quite high. I’ve been able to reach 20-25 feet since the pressure at my house is so strong. The only problem with this sprayer is that it tends to cause the applicator to use more chemical than is usually needed. To control usage, consider a TROMBONE SPRAYER. It can reach high and won’t use nearly as much finished product to treat the same area. And though most people want to use a PUMP SPRAYER, it’s tough to get one that will reach high enough. Our best units will only reach 10-15 feet because they’re just not designed to shoot a spray that high. But if your two story dwelling isn’t too tall, it might still be able to handle the job.

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